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Our experience and technical ability coupled with the knowledge and project management skills of our business development manager allows us to understand your schools needs and create plans robust IT plans for the future.

With a comprehensive SLA in place you can be confident in the level of service CN IT Solutions can provide. We are always happy to discuss contract durations and tailor our support options to meet your needs.

We believe we can provide you with a premium IT support service with more benefits that the local authority provisions you may already rely on and for a lower monthly cost. 

CN IT Solutions offer two different support packages for schools, School Business and Administration Support and Schools Information Communication Technology and Teacher Support. We also combine these packages to support all of the IT needs in your school and tailor them to meet specific needs.


So why is ICT such an important tool in your school?

There are many benefits to using ICT to teach literacy as it allows teachers to produce and modify resources quickly and easily. It allows access to a wide range of information in different formats and pupils can engage directly with the area of literacy they are focusing on.

Teachers can use different drafts to assess how work is progressing and what input is needed. Some software is able to assess the children's work and provide useful information. There is an increase in flexibility in that the same piece of work can be used for different pupils in different ways. Work can also be saved or printed and then kept as a record.

Recent guidelines indicate that ICT should be used to support learning in specific subjects as well as being a subject in its own right, some of the benefits include -

Speed and Automatic functions - using ICT allows teachers to demonstrate, explore or explain work effectively; it allows routine tasks to be completed and repeated quickly.

Capacity and Range - Teachers and pupils can gain access to a wide range of information; they can use CD ROMs, the Internet, they can contact experts outside the classroom, the school and the community, this also covers the wide range of ways in which ICT can be used to present information.

Interactivity - This allows children to explore areas which would otherwise not be available to them; they can communicate with others and present information effectively in different ways and for different audiences. They can get responses and feedback quickly.

Pupils can engage with text in ways not possible with paper based materials. They can also experience the interrelated nature of different areas of language - speaking and listening, writing and reading. The development of reading and writing can be enhanced through - simulations, E-mail, fax, the Internet, interactive books etc.

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