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PC Housekeeping - The Basics

Everyone knows that they should undertake regular PC housekeeping to ensure our computers run at maximum capacity and remain fully functional. However unfortunately it’s easy to forget why or even how to do it!  This short presentation will take you through the basics of PC housekeeping and may even improve the current performance of your machine - why not give it a go, these people did!

Thanks for the 4sight and the slides. As you said, a good reminder of what we should all do to maintain our PC’s. Now where is that defrag option!!!!!!!

Steve Osborne
Prime Estate Management Ltd
07920 482272
York City Apartments – www.york-city-apartments.co.uk
Finalists in 'Visit York' Self Catering of the Year Award 2011

Thanks for forwarding the presentation on. I found it really useful and I know some of my friends will.

Mary Wilberforce
Senior Group Leader
The Utility Warehouse Discount Club

Really enjoyed your presentation this morning as I was that person you described at the beginning!!!! Will be putting your presentation to good use over the next day or so on my home Laptop.

Peter Leonard ACIB - Corporate Manager
The Lodge, Scott lane
Wetherby, LS22 6LH